Asian Obsession

Super hot sg boy… Big dick and super bubble butt too! Love it!



Fan submission

(The fan who sent these pics to me claimed that the armpit and dick pics belong to the same guy)

Seems legit and cute enough to probe further. Anyone care to share more? :p




Horny jerk off by a hawt nerdy sgboy =P 

It always never fail to make me cum…


Did anyone has more of his work? :p

It is rare to see a SG vid with face and cumshot surviving online for so long… This video is becoming a classic, just like Matt Tan’s carpark JO video.

I’m reblogging this again because someone tried to use this video to trade for one of my videos. (If you want to trade videos with me, please do some research. Any videos posted on Tumblr before are very likely to exist in my video collection already.)

If you haven’t watched this before, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.


Riker Lee



I love executive play, especially Asian fun.

Nice. Super hot! Where can I download this?